Country Sports

Income is generated on Farms and Estates by creating sports in the Country which are followed by all true Countrymen.   It is therefore important for Landowners and farmers to look at the ways these opportunities can be created on the states either to invite their friends or if income is required then for the land owner to sell single days or an opportunity to join a syndicate for the year. Landowning Initiatives has considerable experience in setting up shoots and making the best of Lake or River Fishing. Developing lakes or in one case developing a new river over 30 acres.

It is possible for Customers to follow or join in the opportunities in the Countryside by either taking a day on a shoot or joining a shooting Syndicate. Landowning Initiatives can arrange a day at the Clay Pigeon to get your eye in or to have arranged a shoot for one or eight guns

It is also possible for Land Owning Initiatives to arrange a days Salmon, Trout or Sea Trout fishing or even specific sea fishing events.
There are numerous other Country sports which are available to a prospective purchaser including the Flying of eagles or Otter watching. Just ask what you want to do and Landowning Initiatives can usually provide it.

Fishing opportunities

Stillwaters Fly Fishing at Lower Moorhayne Farm, Yarcombe, Honiton, Devon

Stillwaters is situated in the very attractive Yarty Valley, which is renowned for its beauty in the West Country. Michael and Caroline Ford have developed Still Waters as a small lake to enable those interested in peace and seclusion to come and fish in country surroundings not bothered by the rush of every day life.

Fishing rods can be hired for the occasion.

Small items for fishing can be purchased from the shop, including lines, gut and flies.

Fly only is to be used (except before the 31st April, when fly lures can be used). Anyone caught using any form of bait worm pellet or lure will be asked to leave the lake.

The owners cannot accept any responsibility for any injury howsoever caused and whilst every endeavour is made to ensure total safety for the fisherman and his family at the lake, the customer fishes and uses the area totally at his own risk.



 Price £

Full Day £30 per rod
Half Day (9am-1pm, 1pm-6pm or 6 pm til dark) £15.00 per rod
Family Rates By arrangement


Fish Limits

6lbs per day
3lbs per session
Extra fish caught will be charged at £2.50


Coaching & Equipment Hire

Rod and Equipment at £15.00
Coaching at £50.00 per hour


Shooting Opportunities

Landowning Initiative is able to organise tuition for shooting purposes either clay or pheasant shooting, please contact us for further information.

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