Do you have a Worldwide Agricultural Product to Export?

If so the Landowning Initiatives Team has access to Markets in America Australia Africa, the Middle and Far East. Michael Ford is also an Appointed member of the China British Council and has recently been given the opportunity of access to Premier Wen who visited the United Kingdom 1-3 February seeking Sponsorship within the UK. A Copy of his speech is available to anyone interested in this subject and more details can be supplied regarding China and its activities.

Landowning Initiatives Ltd is developing Schemes overseas as follows:
•    in India for Agriculture and individual consultancy projects in the equestrian world,
•    in Africa with the development of Heat and Power including the provision of Boilers to generate electricity or by other hydro or solar methods. Working with African Governments to grow crops for using in the generation of Heat and power and generally establishing ,methods of using the alternative methods of sustainability.