Farm Ponds & Water Storage

Some farms already have their own irrigation lakes and ponds that have either been made especially or adapted from naturally occurring water sources. There may be scope not only to develop an attraction that may attract visitors, tourists, fishermen or environmentalists. It may be possible to develop a market for the water that can be stored or sold from springs or irrigation areas; this is likely to increase as the pressure on present reservoirs and water supplies is increasing.

Coarse Fishery/Trout Lakes

Coarse Fishery/Trout Lakes - is one of the finest Country Sports and covers a range of interests, which a person can have for life. In preparing a lake it needs to be at least 4ft deep with deeper areas of 8-10 ft. Shallow areas have a conservation benefit and the resulting insects provide natural food for the fish stocks. There is also a ready market to grow on coarse fish to sell for restocking.

Landowning Initiatives Ltd has constructed lakes, boreholes and ponds and (in one circumstance) a new river over 20 acres, in many parts of the United Kingdom and they can now create new opportunities either for storage or for fishing opportunities. In creating lakes there is need for either an Impoundment licence or and abstraction licence and the need for Planning Permission. Landowning Initiatives Ltd has a team to surveyors and environmental experts to carry the client through the maze of requirements for such operations.

For details of Country fishing opportunities see under “ Country Sports”.

Landowning Initiatives Ltd can advise on the development of Shoots in the Countryside either for Pheasant or other game or for clay pigeon. Tuition can be offered to individuals or groups and shooting parties can be organised.