FRESH & SALT WATER FISH (production on land)

There are a lot of farms which have access to some sort of water facility, be it natural streams and rivers or artificial irrigation lakes and reservoirs or even ponds which only have amenity value. For people in this situation it may be possible to develop one or more enterprises using these facilities to generate income. For farmers who are interested and situated near to the coast then there may be options on fish production for replenishing sea stocks. Landowning Initiatives will be pleased to offer assistance to those thinking about these options and can help develop new ideas.


Crayfish are the fresh water version of lobsters, they can be bred on small units and there is potential for a good return after two years. This sort of scheme can generate production where other enterprises cannot give an adequate return. It may be possible for this enterprise to be run along others that are in similar line. This is the sort of scheme, which may require adequate advice on the systems required and potential markets.

Fish Breeding

The problems of over fishing and declining fish stocks has been widely publicised over the past few years, it is felt that there may be some scope for breeding fish on - land for both commercial use and replenishment of fish stocks. This is a scheme which may not only help provide a good income for farmers but it may also be possible to help fishermen who have also been facing problems associated with lower prices and rising costs.

Salt Water Shellfish

At present, the suppliers of shellfish are those who are fishing and growing fish around our coastline. With the recycling of saltwater, it is now becoming possible to grow shellfish in specially designed tanks on land. The system for reproduction can either be developed with saltwater or brackish saltwater. Each fish has a different standard of perfection in its growing and full consultation should be made before the development of any of these species : brown crab, shrimp, Dublin Bay prawn, lobster, mussel, native oyster, prawn, scallop, welk, squid.

White Fish

As the fishing industry is suffering a period of decline with depleting fish stocks and increasing concern over the amount of fish being removed from the sea, there is opportunity for the development of on land breeding grounds. Artificially created breeding stocks will enable fisherman to return fish to the sea and monitor the supply of fish in relation to those being removed. Ideally these should be located in coastal areas and should complement the already present fishing industry.