People are very much more aware of the importance of the environment and the role that trees and forestry products have to play in maintaining and enhancing the landscape. There are now a number of grants available for the planting and maintaining of new woodlands and maintenance of existing woodland and forest. These grants are available from Europe, Nationally and locally. Landowning Initiatives will be pleased to offer help and support to farmers to identify grant availability and suggest suitable projects.

Children's Toys and Household Accessories

In many areas the popularity of rural crafts such as toy making, basket weaving, and jewellery making is increasing and the amount of people showing an interest at local shows prove that this could be an alternative industry that allows farming to continue, has minimal set up costs and can get other members of the family involved.

Coppicing for Biomass for Production

There is increasing pressure being put on traditional fuels as the demands placed upon it increase. The search for renewable energy sources has been going on for a quite a while and a good source of energy that is being developed is biomass production. It is possible to produce a reasonable amount of energy from coppicing, which can be grown in many areas.


There is an increasing amount of emphasis being placed on the importance of woodland in the environment, for amenity value and commercial production. There are a number of schemes available for the development of woodland and use of trees for amenity value, timber production and biomass production. Landowning Initiatives is able to provide information on the grants available and also produce reports that are tailored to your individual requirements and suggest suitable initiatives.


In some areas some people have an interest in making and supplying wooden furniture (metal furniture is also becoming more popular). This could be useful to consider for farmers who have access to suitable types of wood on their farm, they need not make the furniture but could supply the local 'cottage industries'.

Garden Accessories (furniture, mulch and fertiliser)

In some areas many householders are becoming far more interested in making their garden somewhere that they can relax and enjoy the plant and animal life that may be present. There is considerable demand for wood chip for paths, mulch and weed control well as the demand for wood for decking, trellises and fences. In some areas the farmer and family may be able to develop an enterprise to install and supply these products.

Timber Production

There may be scope for the use of woodland for timber production; consideration must be given to the type of timber that is available and the length of time that is taken for it to grow. Grants are available for the planting of such woodlands and they may well have potential for amenity value while growing.