Consumers are becoming more aware of the safety of their food and in some cases do not trust some of the big food manufacturers. This means that there may be considerable scope for adding value to farm produce at farm level by making the raw materials into the final product that can be sold to retail outlets or consumers directly in the UK world wide. Landowning Initiatives are able to provide information, make suggestions and help set up proposed food and drink enterprises.

Cheese Products

For farmers that are looking to add value to their milk in the face of low prices there may be some interest in producing some products at farm level, these can then be sold locally or into retail outlets. There are a number of options available for cheese, and these may be mixed with other alternative enterprises. An example of this would be goats or sheep cheese or even Mozzarella cheese from Water Buffalo.


Cider is a popular refreshing drink especially in the summertime when making hay in the fields drunk out of a china cup. There are several farming companies ready to agree contracts for cider orchards or you can make your own for the farm gate or farm shop sales. Cider trees take time to establish, therefore, you do not have general use of the land for other products. Landowning Initiatives do have new ideas to make this area productive whilst waiting for the trees to grow.

Dairy Products

For people whose livelihoods depend upon milk production there may be some scope for adding value to the milk produced by making it into some end products, such as yoghurt, butter, margarine, cheese and ice-cream. These products could then be sold in farm or local shops and depending upon the amounts produced even retailed in larger stores.

English & Welsh Wine

English & Welsh Wine is distinctive from other European wines, displaying a delicate flowery bouquet, with an attractive fresh crisp fruity flavour. It is ideally suited for accompanying fish or fowl, or as an aperitif, and are wines of considerable appeal. Most wines are white, although some reds are now creeping into the market. Sparkling wine is another option for English & Welsh wine, which makes it into an eminently drinkable social wine for long summer evenings.

Meat Products

Farmers who produce livestock for meat may be able to improve their income by adding value to their products and marketing their meat directly to the consumer, this may be of benefit to those who have small units and access to a local butchers and abattoir. If farmers can take up this sort of enterprise then they can take advantage of more positive marketing, for example BSE free, organic or free range.