Activities involving horses are on the increase and many people feel that this is an area where a reasonable return with minimal outlay is possible. Landowning Initiatives will be able to advise on a suitable type of enterprise and help identify markets and potential customers and marketing strategies. Many of these enterprises will complement the present farming situation and some ideas may not need a lot of land or capital outlay. Landowning Initiatives can provide information on the suitability and setting up of such enterprises, we are able to advise on a wide range of alternatives, some of which are detailed below.

Competition Centres

There is an increasing demand for centres where competitions of different types can be held. Many riders want a suitable place to go where the ground is good and consistent and the facilities are good. These centres could be either indoors and outdoors and although both will have quiet periods during the winter or summer, this can be minimised with a good programme of events and provision of training clinics.

Livery Provision

There are a number of different options available to land and building owners when thinking about setting up some sort of livery facility. Horse owners consider Do It Yourself (DIY), part and full livery to be the main ones. If the landowner or their relatives have some experience there may be other options available such as competition, breaking and schooling liveries. Depending on the level of provision that the enterprise is pitched at there is scope for adding to it as income is derived from the enterprise.

Off Road Riding Provision

With an increasing amount of traffic on the roads and a reduction in the amount of space to ride in riders may be quite willing to pay a reasonable price for good, safe off road riding. There may also be scope for the provision of cross-country jumps and orienteering or a letter - boxing equivalent on horseback. Importantly there may be scope for conservation grants being given for some of these and no equestrian knowledge is required.

Stud Provision

There may be some scope for those who already have horses to diversify into a different area and breeds and breeding may be suitable for some livery yards and private owners. With an increasing emphasis being put on performance and breed characteristics there are opportunities for research into both health problems and methods for breeding to be improved.

Trekking Centres

There is now some support available to farmers who want to diversify into equestrian enterprises. Trekking has always been quite popular, especially in areas, which may have good access to people such as on the edge of urban areas or in regions where there is a high level of tourist activity. This sort of enterprise may need a reasonable amount of investment and an interest in horses by either the farmer or family.