Country villages can form clubs or groups to create perhaps a Common Heat source or Water source that creates Power. Where ideas like this are introduced it is sensible to consider backing the Venture with a Cooperative which works for the those members of the Village who want to join.

The Cooperative is run to enable power to be purchased at a cheaper source and with the profits being derived from the power through the feed in tariff and in other ways, goods can be then purchased by the Cooperative en masse which can be passed on to its members at a cheaper price.

Where Villagers are working up such a scheme this will be likely to improve the Carbon footprint and give large opportunities to villagers to maximise the opportunities in heat and power for all people connected with the scheme.

Land Owning Initiatives Ltd can create a registered Cooperative and work up the ideas for a specific village through the Local and  Parish Council, a landowner with his tenants or just a group of like minded country people. Ring for further information 01404 861 284.