Many farms and rural properties have a great deal of potential for development or for earning an income. With the problems that the agricultural industry is facing at the moment this could be the key to finding an important alternative source of income for many farming families. There are a number of options that are available to people looking to utilise the buildings that are possibly redundant. Landowning Initiatives would be glad to provide further information on any of the options mentioned below and any others that you feel are relevant.


In many farmhouses there is a lot of potential for developing some sort of bed and breakfast or half board provision. This can be a good enterprise for other family members to get into and the working farm could be a good marketing point for the enterprise. Opening up the house to strangers may feel odd but if the family has left home then it may provide company, support as well as the additional income.

Farm Shops

People may not realise the potential for farm shops as they may feel that it may be too hard to fit them into the present situation. It is possible to consider getting together with other producers in the local area to help provide some of the labour and produce required. This sort of scheme would be ideal for those close to main roads or a local population centre.

Restaurants/Cafés or Cream Teas

In areas where there are a large number of visitors then there may be some scope for developing a side line in the provision of light refreshments. This scheme is ideal to be combined with visitor attractions or in areas where there are a large number of walkers or cyclists. Enterprises like this can be started simply and be developed as an income is realised.

Shared Ownership Scheme

This scheme is designed to allow the development of property that can be used by a number of shareholders. It allows greater flexibility than holiday lets and enables a greater injection of income than montly rent. Shared Ownership will also allow a greater flexibility in the use and maintenance of the property and this scheme offers some statutory protection and can be considered highly marketable and a sound investment.

Storage of Goods

(Caravans, boxes or anything else really.) These days there are an increasing number of people who have caravans or other bulky items that they feel needs suitable storage facilities. If there is shed space available for such items then it may be good to consider this type of enterprise. Some people may not require undercover storage but hard standing a sheltered location may be suitable.